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Welcome to our internet site www.vaikystebesmurto.lt

The title ‘Vaikyste be smurto’ is lithuanian for “Childhood without violence”.

This regularly updated web site primarily serves as the source of information. It provides knowledge and information about comprehensive help for children, who have suffered or become witnesses of abuse and violence. We believe, that this site will be valuable for:

    various professionals, engaged in work with children and families. For those who seek to strengthen children's protection from abuse and ensure that their rights will be safeguarded during legal procedures.
    for parents and caregivers, who seek to protect children from abuse and wish to attend to them during the legal procedures.
    for children, who seek knowledge, that can help to be safe. And also for children who have to take part in legal procedures.
    for all people in the community, who are concerned of children's’ wealth and protection.

In our web site www.vaikystebesmurto.lt you can find comprehensive information about:
•    situation of children who have suffered from violence and abuse
•    children’s protection in legal procedures
•    help sources for victims of violence and abuse
•    legislation
•    methodical publications
•    conferences and seminars
•    other

You can also help us to develop this resource centre. We encourage you to send your recommendations and information, which could be placed in this internet site (you can reach us by e-mail: info@vaikystebesmurto.lt ). We also invite you to rate our site and write your opinion, so that we could make it look more attractive and helpful.

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