Where can I seek help?

Children Support Centre
Latviu str. 19A,
Vilnius LT-08113
Tel.: +370 5 271 59 80, +370 611 43567
Fax.: +370 5 271 59 79
E-mail: pvc@pvc.lt 
Web sites: www.pvc.lt ir www.vaikystebesmurto.lt

Children Support Centre:
• Provides free of charge multidisciplinary help for children and their family members, who suffered from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Psychological, social, psychiatric help and legal assistance is provided.
• Implements interviews in a special room, designed for interviewing children victims of physical and sexual abuse for the legal purposes. Helps children and families to get ready for legal procedures.
• Organizes trainings, groups of professional supervision, consultations, also publishes methodical material for specialists, who are engaged in work with children, who suffered from violence and abuse.
• Encourages interdisciplinary partnership of professionals. Participates in developing help plans for children and families. Develops and implements professional training and interdisciplinary partnership programs for specialists in education, health care, law enforcement, and social services.

In addition, Children Support Centre:
• Implements child abuse prevention and intervention.
• Provides help for children suffering from emotional and conduct problems, psychological crises.
• Carries out the „Big Brothers Big Sisters“ program in Vilnius and develops it in Lithuania.
• Develops the „Second Step" program in Lithuania.
• Spreads and implements the ideas of positive parentship.
• Is methodical centre for specialists and volunteers who work with children youth and families.
• Provides psychological services for community and organizations.


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